The Dumb Assistant

Name: The Dumb Assistant

Effect: Through an engaging and humorous exchange between the magician’s digital assistant and the audience, a seemingly incorrect card prediction transforms into a unique digital artwork reveal, showcasing the selected card in an unexpected and delightful manner.

Description: “The Dumb Assistant” offers a comedic twist on the traditional card trick, where the AI assumes the role of a cheeky, quick-witted magician, relegating the human magician to a silent “dumb” assistant. This playful interaction not only entertains but also sets the stage for a stunning reveal. Perfect for performers who enjoy adding a narrative and character to their acts, this trick is great for all audiences and settings, especially those looking to integrate technology humorously.

Type: Card & Digital Magic

Materials Supplied: Link to Custom GPT

Routines Included: 1 primary routine

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (Depends on performer’s comfort with app-based interaction and setup)

Materials: A standard deck of cards, the ChatGPT app with “The Dumb Assistant” feature

GPT Specs Req: GPT-4, with custom instructions enabled

Performance Time: 5-7 minutes, including setup, interaction, and reveal

Wow Factor: ★★★★★

Extras: Exclusive access to “The Dumb Assistant” feature, detailed guide on comedic timing with the digital assistant, and instructions for the seamless execution of the card trick and reveal

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