The Digital Doppelganger

A Magic trick Utilising AI and GPT+

Name: Digital Doppelganger
Effect: A spectator selects a card, which remains unseen to the audience. Following a selfie, a caricature is generated, showcasing the spectator, with the selected card – previously hidden – now prominently displayed in the caricature, astonishing the audience and the sspecctator.

Description: Dive into the fusion of digital art and classic card magic with “Digital Doppelganger.” This modern twist on card revelation engages both spectator and audience in an interactive experience that blends physical interaction with digital marvel. Perfect opener for social media magicians, street performances, or any setting looking to integrate technology into the act. Very quick to perform with great spectator impact. This trick not only surprises but also creates a memorable keepsake. Ideal for getting numbers to pass the image on!

Materials Supplied: Custom Instructions for GPT+

Routines Included: 1 primary routine with endless options to adapt and customise variations for different performance environments

Difficulty: Moderate (Some practice required to seamlessly incorporate the digital element)

Materials: Standard deck of cards, a GPT+ enabled smartphone capable of taking selfies

GPT Specs Req: GPT-4 for advanced image processing and Dall-e 3

Performance Time: 2 -5 minutes, including interaction and image generation time

Wow Factor: ★★★★★

Extras: The Oracle’s Insight.

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