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“Each of these country-specific speech analysers has been developed from the extensive notes and insights I’ve gathered over my years as a global educator, coupled with intensive research into the unique cultural and linguistic challenges of each country. By prioritizing country-specific nuances over just language, the AI leverages context to massively boost your learning and confidence. With its progress tracking feature, Speakwise is not just personalized; it’s a transformative language learning journey tailored just for you. And the best part? It’s absolutely free”
Gregor Tyler, creator

*For the individual countries above you will need a ChatGPT+ subscription. To install SpeakWise as a free user please register to recieve custom instructions.

Streamlined English Learning for You

Elevate Your English with Personalized Guidance
Discover the SpeakWise Speech Analyzer, uniquely designed to cater to your English learning needs. This powerful tool adjusts its feedback based on your background, making it more than just a language learning app—it’s a pathway to confident English use in your daily life. ChatGPT+ users have immediate access to this tailored experience. For GPT 3.5 and 4 users, registering opens the door to custom instructions, designed to fit your learning pace and style perfectly.

Immediate Access for ChatGPT+ Users | Register for SpeakWise Custom Instructions on GPT 3.5

Why SpeakWise Stands Apart

  • Communication, Not Perfection:
    Embrace a learning space where effective communication triumphs over grammatical rigidity. Realize that fluency isn’t about perfection; it’s about connection.
  • Tailored to You:
    Backed by research, our tools are finely tuned to your linguistic needs, accelerating your learning journey and boosting confidence in real-world interactions.
  • See Your Growth:
    Our AI-driven platform adapts to you, charting your progress and evolving with your learning curve. Witness your transformation as you navigate the nuances of English with ease.
  • Join Speakwise Today:
    Your unique path to English mastery awaits. Whether you’re seeking instant access or personalized guidance, Speakwise is your gateway to a world where language barriers cease to exist.

SpeakWise CEFR Level Checker – For Educators

Transform Your ESL Teaching
Advance your educational toolkit with our upcoming CEFR Level Checker. Designed to adapt to the distinctive challenges of your students, this tool reshapes ESL teaching. Register for early access and elevate your teaching to new heights.

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SpeakWise Speech Experience – Your Interactive English World

Engage in English, Your Way
Step into a realm of interactive English scenarios, each crafted for your learning style. Exclusive to GPT users, this experience awaits your discovery. Register now and be the first to explore English in an immersive, personalized setting.

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Hello! I’m Gregor, the Innovator Behind SpeakWise.

As a TEFL-certified educator who has been trained in the International Baccalaureate program, I bring a unique perspective to language learning. My experience, from managing an International Montessori school in Bangkok to enriching lives as a tutor in Southeast Asia, has fueled my passion for developing Speakwise. This platform is a step forward in my journey, blending innovative teaching methods with the latest technology to make English learning both effective and engaging. Join me on this exciting venture with Speakwise, where language learning meets creativity and fun!

SpeakWise Analyzer Overview

Introduction to SpeakWise Analyzer:

Originally developed for my ESL students in SE Asia, who came from all over the world, SpeakWise Analyzer is an innovative tool designed for ESL learners. It offers instant conversational speech analysis with personalized corrective feedback, enhancing English fluency and communication skills while focusing on effective communication over grammatic perfection.

Core Features of SpeakRight Analyzer:

  1. Grammar Check: This feature focuses on the grammatical accuracy of the student’s speech, particularly targeting challenges common among Russian ESL learners.
  2. Vocabulary Expansion: Evaluates and encourages the use of a diverse and appropriate range of vocabulary.
  3. Smooth Speech: Analyzes the natural flow and smoothness of the student’s spoken English, highlighting areas of improvement in fluency.
  4. Idea Linking: Assesses how well the student connects ideas in speech, ensuring clarity and logical progression.

iGregor – Your Virtual ESL Guide:

As your friendly and knowledgeable virtual tutor, iGregor will engage with students to discuss real-life experiences in English, providing practical and engaging language practice. Feedback from iGregor is constructive, focusing on building confidence and skills.

Student Interaction Process:

Students are prompted to speak on a given topic, and their spoken words are transcribed for analysis. This helps in pinpointing specific areas for improvement in a clear and supportive way.

Personalized Feedback and Progress Measurement:

Detailed feedback is provided in simple terms, with each suggestion explained clearly to enhance understanding. Progress is quantified using the unique error-to-word ratio, offering a clear view of improvement over time.

Note for Users:

SpeakWise Analyzer, by design, focuses on a user-friendly experience, ensuring that every interaction is enriching, respectful, and geared towards effective learning. This tool is a gateway to improving English communication skills in a structured, yet engaging manner.

SpeakRight CEFR Level Check – Precision Tool for Educators

The SpeakRight Level Check is an essential assessment resource for educators teaching English as a Second Language (ESL). Developed by an experienced British ESL teacher in SE Asia, this tool is finely tuned to parse the nuances of conversational English, providing educators with a comprehensive analysis of their students’ spoken language skills.

Educator Benefits:

  • Focused Analysis: Obtain in-depth feedback on your students’ grammatical accuracy, vocabulary range, pronunciation, fluency, coherence, and interaction skills, with a special emphasis on common problems learners have from any given country.
  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your students’ improvements with a calculated ‘error-to-word’ score for each speaking session.
  • CEFR Alignment: Get an informed assessment of each student’s speaking proficiency, categorized into CEFR levels and grades for targeted instruction.
  • Custom Feedback: Receive tailored advice on curriculum and lesson planning to address specific areas of improvement highlighted in the analysis.

With the SpeakWise Level Check, educators are equipped with a powerful tool that not only assesses but also informs and enhances teaching strategies, promoting a focused and effective language learning experience.

With SpeakWise Experience you can practice buying groceries in a Thai market from home.

SpeakWise Speech Experience – Your Passport to English Proficiency

Embark on a journey through an infinite array of interactive English-speaking scenarios with the SpeakWise Speech Experience. This cutting-edge tool offers tailored conversations to suit your English level, allowing you to practice with a wide range of characters—from market vendors to fellow travelers—each with their own unique communication style.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Scenarios: Choose your own adventure with endless character interactions and locations that keep the learning experience fresh and exciting.
  • Adaptive Conversations: Our intelligent characters adjust their language complexity in real-time, matching your conversational level and challenging you just enough to stimulate growth.
  • Comprehensive Feedback: After each dialogue, gain insights into your grammatical strengths and areas for improvement with an error-to-word score and personalized tips.
  • Progress Tracking: Watch your English improve with each session, as SpeakRight remembers your progress and helps you build on previous successes.

Whether you’re looking to fine-tune your grammar, boost your vocabulary, or achieve a natural flow in your conversations, the SpeakWise Speech Experience offers a diverse and dynamic environment for mastering the English language.

Embrace the power of immersive learning and let SpeakRight be your guide to conversational confidence!

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